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My process: Communication is everything. First, we have a conversation about the project and narrow down what you are looking for via example reference tracks. Then, you send me the video and I do my thing. I work very quickly and then I send you a Dropbox link for the video and new music. Finally, we discuss adjustments and I refine the music. We do this until you are 100% satisfied. I am very good at what I do and I usually nail it the first attempt with minor changes. 

My Rates: My range is $150 per minute of music up to $300 per minute of music. It varies on a few different factors. Shorter projects go up a bit in price. This is because it needs to be worth my time. On longer projects, I’m willing to come down in price. However, a time crunch and complexity will make any project go up. Half up front / half on delivery via Zelle or Paypal. If there are excessive notes/adjustments, then we will have to revisit compensation. (This has literally never happened in 25 years, I just have to mention it just in case)

Availability: Like many artistic professionals, this is my side hustle. I have a full-time job as an audio engineer, so it’s always a balancing act. But I do work very quickly and I’m off on weekends. 

Elevate your projects production value with professional cinematic music. I offer my clients Hollywood level quality, without the Hollywood price tag. Interested in learning more? Fill out the the form below to get started!

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